Perfect love despite imperfections!

First half of the film is nice and second half is slow. Mani Ratnam has projected hero character with flaws. People who except sweet romance between lead pair might get disappointed. It?s a visual poetry by Mani Ratnam. There are only two kinds of reactions for this movie. You will love it if you connect to it. You hate it if you don?t connect with it. I belong to the category that connected to the movie. I loved it. I recommend this film, but not to everybody (as it?s not meant for for people who wants to see only lovey-dovey romance in a Mani Rathnam?s movie)! Brace yourself for some realism in love!!

by Jeevi - on Apr 7, 2017.


Decent but slow

Cheliyaa is one film which will surely draw mixed reactions. While one section of the audience will just love Mani Ratnam?s romance and taking, the regular audience will find it very hard to enjoy this serious romantic drama. Karthi and Aditi Rao?s sizzling chemistry, entertaining first half are basic assets. But the slow and slightly dragged second half makes things a bit difficult. On the whole, all those who like slow but emotional romantic dramas can surely give this film a shot but for others, Cheliyaa is just an average film this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - on Apr 7, 2017.


Boring and Tedious

Karthi and Aditi have given their best and cinematographer Ravi Varman stole the show, the movie comes a cropper. All in all, "Cheliyaa"" is totally tedious and boring watch."

by Venkat - on Apr 7, 2017.



Cheliyaa is half baked and underdeveloped. It is just an idea made into a film without putting in efforts on the writing table. The result is a painful, boring and torturous romantic drama that will force you to walk away in the middle.

by Gulte Team - on Apr 7, 2017.


'Mani' repetitions

'Cheliyaa' has shades of some of the character-driven love stories. However, the lack of a strong conflict point, an engaging story line and no highs in terms of songs do the film in. Technical elements score.

by India Glitz Team - on Apr 7, 2017.


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