Salute to Rajamouli

Baahubali 2 is one film which leaves you speechless. Right from the word go, it has intense drama and action as every frame in the film is a visual wonder. Be it the heroic fights or the lavish war scenes, Rajamouli showcases some never before scenes in Indian film history. This film will be remembered and spoken about for years to come and break every possible record in the country. The performances, drama and the lavish scale look jaw dropping and make this film a never before experience for every movie lover. Finally, just ignore the simple story line and do yourself a favor by taking your entire family to watch this magnum opus called Baahubali as wonders like these only happen very rarely.

by 123telugu Team - on Apr 28, 2017.


Saahore Rajamouli and Co.

Baahubali 2 is definitely better than its predecessor and is also one of the best works of Rajamouli. It is surely worth the hype and all the existing box office records will eventually bow down to its might. Go watch it in theaters.

by Gulte Team - on Apr 28, 2017.


Saahore Baahubali.. It's showtime

Baahubali-2' has its share of hits and misses, writing-wise. How far the audience enjoy the scenes leading up to Baahubali's murder at Kattappa's hands will determine the film's enormity of success. First-rate performances, Devasena and Sivagami's decisions and the visuals are big hits. The war episode may be found to be less fascinating than the Kalakeya war in the first part.

by India Glitz Team - on Apr 28, 2017.


Epic Conclusion!

"Baahubali The Conclusion"" is a true blockbuster movie that is aimed to impress the larger section of audiences. Rajamouli has stressed more on emotions which were lacking in the first part. So, the film caters to both sections that look for emotions and that want to get swayed by the visuals and war scenes."

by Venkat - on Apr 28, 2017.


Amarendra - King with a golden heart

First half of the film is excellent with a superb interval block. Second half is good with story and internal political drama taking precedence. Plus points of the film are Rajamouli?s classy vision and conceiving of scenes, first half, interval episode, background music, characterizations and actors. On the flipside, pace slows down in second half and climax appear extended. Despite a couple of shortcomings, Baahubali: The Conclusion gives a perfect ending to the Baahubali: The Beginning...

by Jeevi - on Apr 27, 2017.


Jai Mahismathi - Saahore

Just witnessed or rather experienced a Telugu movie with international standards that Tollywood never experienced before. Speechless & its an emotion that needs to be experienced rather than understand by reading a review. Watch it!!!

by Aditya - on Apr 30, 2017.