Dumb and Dumbest

These are random sequences we cited here, the film is full of such clich?d and head-ache inducing scenes. Even before the movie reaches intermission, the story turns into a mess. The second half is even messier.Vinayak has made many bad movies earlier but this one is the worst of them all. Though some comedy dialogues mouthed by Saptagiri evokes laughs, we don't find much relief other than this. From start to finish, it is quite boring. Nowhere do we get any respite from the proceedings. Overall, Inttelligent is a mess, silly and headache inducing movie.

by Greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Feb 9, 2018.


Not so Clever

On the whole, Intteligent is V V Vinayak?s weakest film to date. The routine story, predictable narration and lack of basic twists and entertainment go against the film completely. It is sad to see Sai Dharam Tej?s sincere efforts and performance go waste in the film. Even a star hero cannot help matters when films like these are narrated in such a haphazard manner. Apart from Tej?s role and screen presence, this film does not generate any interest and ends up as a disappointing watch this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Feb 9, 2018.


Ramshackle script

A dated story, lame scenes, awful production values, mediocre performances. This is Inttelligent. Posani Krishna Murali plays a funny gangster whose ramshackle mobile phone is a personification of the film's ramshackle script.

by India Glitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Feb 9, 2018.


An intelligent dud

Vinayak movies usually appeal to the masses irrespective of routine formulaic scripts. But Intelligent will not appeal to anybody as it doesn't have anything that could impress anybody. Tej does his best but it is not enough to lift this dumb film. Vinayak also will need something exceptional to return to form after making such an unforgivable mess.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Feb 9, 2018.


Utterly Silly

The problem with Inttelligent is that it fails on all the essential counts that make Vinayak movie tick. The film is found short on comedy, and heroism and the narrative are dull and unexciting. The comedy blocks lack punch right from the beginning. There are only a few dialogues that show spark or the actual potential. But in the end, we are left with what could have been. The same film made by VV Vinayak a decade ago would have had a far better output. An alternative take would be to bring back that director.

by Siddartha Toleti - mirchi9.com on Feb 9, 2018.


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