Shocks the Audience

One can spot the director intention to present something different and well intended message in the end, but the sequences in the second half bore. Moreover, it is clear that the film has been stretched from short film idea to full length feature. Overall, Awe is a different attempt. This may seem appealing to some section of audiences, but it doesn?t entice the general audiences at all.

by Greatandhra Team - on Feb 16, 2018.


Hatke Attempt

On the whole, Awe is one such experiment that throws normal movie making out of the window. The movie runs on different genres and will clearly not go well with the B and C center audience. Concept-based films are the need of the hour in Tollywood and this film is for those who complain Tollywood does not make hatke movies. If a really different and unique film is all you want to see, Awe is the one to watch out for this weekend

by 123telugu Team - on Feb 16, 2018.


crafty anthology

Since AWE is actually a covert omnibus movie, there is only so much that it can offer. If we are clueless till the climax, the filmmaker would think it's a compliment! And it's problematic. AWE is a crafty anthology movie which relies too heavily on the strength of its climax. Too psychological, too poetic at times. The lengthiness of many scenes makes one say, It's more of the same. Genre shifts were an oversold idea. The performances are praiseworthy. Technical departments put up a solid show.

by India Glitz Team - on Feb 16, 2018.


Brilliant Idea But Confusing Execution

Most of the scenes seem convincing after the truth is revealed. However, not everybody can agree with what was shown until that point. The concept is brilliant but the execution lacked clarity. The film might appeal to the audience that looks for path breaking ideas, but the majority will be left clueless at the end. Its box office performance will depend upon how many actually connects with the outlandish storytelling and a shocking climax.

by Gulte Team - on Feb 16, 2018.


Awe Some Effort

First and foremost it is a fantastic effort for a debut director. Just the idea alone deserves a pat on the back, but to come up with a screenplay and then have multiple layers to it, is all awesome. The world around me and I in the world is a great concept and kudos to Prashanth Varma to weave a story and screenplay around it. Making it crispier by taking out a couple of stories and increasing emotional resonance with the finale.

by Siddartha Toleti - on Feb 16, 2018.


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