Where Is The Party?

The only part of the movie that is handled better is the penultimate sequence. The final 15 minutes are good. Forget about the original version, this one surely lacks deft direction. The new director has handled the scenes with a touch of inexperience. All in all, "Kirrak Party" is a youthful college drama with thin storyline and weak direction. With no rib-tickling comedy and no visible known cast members other than Nikhil Siddharth, we get the feel of watching a Kannada movie.

by Greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Mar 16, 2018.


Watchable College Drama

On the whole, Kirrak Party is a youthful college drama which has some good moments in the second half. Nikhil leads from the front with his brilliant performance and saves the film completely. This film is clearly aimed at the youth and they should connect to all the various happenings in the college life which are shown well. If you ignore the below par story and lack of rib-tickling comedy, this film ends up as a decent watch this weekend. Just keep your expectations in check.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Mar 16, 2018.


Humour works to an extent

The college campus humour works to an extent in the first half. Sharan Koppisetty extracts decent performances from the newcomers. Nikhil has surely evolved as an actor and his maturity in the climax says it all. Technical departments do an able job. However, it's more of the same in the second half. Had Meera's story been spiritually present through the second half, Nikhil's character would have had an emotional core. The element of student union politics is almost pointless.

by India Glitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Mar 16, 2018.


Boring Party

Kirrik Party was a big hit in Kannada as it was their first film that focuses on campus life. But Telugu audience has seen many films that have explored campus life. Films like Happy Days, Chitram and many others have done this theme to the death. So remaking a film that offers nothing special from previous campus films is a huge mistake. There isn't anything special about the plot that would engage its viewers. In fact, the plot of the film is very weak that it had to rely upon lengthy episodes on friends and the lead pair.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Mar 16, 2018.


Nothing Kirrak

Movies based on college come from time to time, but not all of them manage to succeed. It is a difficult one to execute as the success of the film depends on the chemistry generated among the actors. The writing and direction let the film down which certainly had a structure and enough moments packed to make it work. Kirrak Party offers nothing Kirrak, in the end. It is a strictly decent one time watch in best case scenario.

by Siddarth toleti - mirchi9.com on Mar 16, 2018.


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