outdated story

There is no excitement when the hero challenges the political musclemen in their own 'adda'. If anything, there is only incredibly bland dialogue by Diamond Ratnababu. In one of those crucial scenes in the second half, our hero actually says he is like global warming. He might have gone on to say, 'Be the climate change you want to see in the world', paraphrasing a Mahatma Gandhi quote. Thank God he didnt. Touch Chesi Chudu is a deadly combination of an outdated story and insipid heroism. Some comic doses work here and there. Ravi Teja is good. The songs are underwhelming.

by India Glitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Untouchable Mess From MassRaja

With the regular commercial entertainer, the idea is always to entertain irrespective if the logic of the plausibility. With that in mind, the movie offers some comedy that could be enjoyed initially. The issue comes with repetition and lack of progress in the story. Simply put, there is a standstill of emotions, and we expect something big to happen. It does arrive but when it comes it is too late, and the resultant action doesn?t match the expectation. The interval appears weak as a result. There is an undercurrent plot running along with hot-headed cop track that of ignoring the family. The drama could be worked well in a different setup.

by Siddartha Toleti - mirchi9.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Cliched and Boring

The plus points of the movie are Ravi Teja and Raashi Khanna episodes and production values. The director has tried to make it glossy with hollow scenes. On the whole, ?Touch Chesi Chudu? is a total let-down from the word go, as the story and packaging both lack appeal. It ranks as one of the badly made movies in recent times. A headache for sure.

by Greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Routine Touch

On the whole, Touch Chesi Chudu is a typical cop drama which showcases Ravi Teja in a powerful manner. He leads from the front in this otherwise routine commercial entertainer. Some mass elements and good fights are basic assets for the film. The storyline is quite predictable and things get side track during the second half. If you are the one who loves high voltage masala entertainers, this film can be given a shot. But for others, Touch Chesi Chudu ends up as just a below average fare this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - 123telugu.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Touch me not

There is a poor attempt of ending the film on a comedic note by reintroducing Raviteja as a fun loving cop. It might have clicked with proper screenplay and engaging scenes. But Touch Chesi Chudu seems like they have taken an escapist route to end the film in an entertaining fashion. There are a few action blocks that made some impact, but they are very few and far between. Even and ever energetic Raviteja couldn"t save this one.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Feb 2, 2018.


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