Captivating Thriller

The scary moments that the director has relied upon are outrightly boring. Much of the movie is passive, only after Bhaagamathie?s role gets introduced does it turn a bit interesting. Overall, ?Bhaagamathie? works for some of its interesting moments, good technical values and terrific production values. It has some commercial elements that can appeal to larger audiences.

by Greatandhra Team - on Jan 26, 2018.


Horror meets Crime

On the whole, Bhaagamathie is a engaging thriller with good horror and ​interesting twists at regular intervals. Anushka leads from the front and will surely pull the crowds with her standout performance. The film is made on a lavish scale and because of this, the thrills look quite good on screen. But the story is familiar and the first half gets a bit slow. If you ignore these aspects, Bhaagmathie ends up a pretty decent watch watch this weekend.​ Go for it.

by 123telugu Team - on Jan 26, 2018.


pseudo twist

Anushka once again proves to be a performer par excellence. We see a new shade to her acting prowess in the anti-climax phase in a scene with Jayaram. Anushka shines with her splendid portrayal of an indefatigable woman. The technical departments put up a first-rate show. A formulaic story that comes with a pseudo-twist in the anti-climax phase. The sincerity of the proceedings should help the film.

by India Glitz Team - on Jan 26, 2018.


Surprising Twist to Horror Tale

Bhaagamathie turns out to be an entirely different film as it moves along. It switches genres and thrills us with unexpected twists and turns. Pre climax scenes in the Bhagamathie bungalow are wonderfully executed. However, a section of audience might feel cheated with the director's take on the plot. There is a deliberate attempt to misguide the viewers so that the twists could pay off. In the process the director leaves the logic behind and there are far too many loop holes in the script.

by Gulte Team - on Jan 26, 2018.


Horror Coated Predictable Thriller

However, the problem starts once the actual truth is revealed. First of all, everything is routine and predictable. One knows exactly what is going to happen. The director?s inspiration from Hollywood makes things even more apparent. The acting from lead further brings it down. Still, the effort to show something clever by pulling the wool over the viewer might hold appeal to few which makes Bhaagamathie a routine one-time watch sort of fare.

by Siddartha Toleti - on Jan 26, 2018.


Predictable but thrilling

There is a distinct Telugu masala flavour to the film, but that doesn't put us off.

by Killer - on Jan 26, 2018.