A light Hearted Entertainer

On the whole, Chalo is a breezy entertainer which has comedy as its forte. Naga Shourya makes a good comeback and leads from the front. Even though the plot is simple, the film is filled with entertainment at regular intervals. Comedian Satya and Vennela Kishore make things work with their performance. Finally, this is a kind of film which one needs to leave the logic behind and enjoy the fun that is being showcased. If you are okay with the above-said things, Chalo ends up as a decent time pass entertainer this weekend.

by 123telugu.com - 123telugu.com on Feb 2, 2018.


crazier third act

A wafer-thin storyline with the trappings of a crazy premise and a crazier third act. Director Venky Kudumula's knack for story-telling comes into its own in the second half. He extracts fairly decent performances while also banking on the situational comedy. This is not to say that the comedy is high-brow or always original.

by India Glitz Team - indiaglitz.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Timepass Guaranteed

Chalo is a fun film with quality humor and quirky characters. It takes a while to get into the groove and turns out to be a joy ride once hero enters Thiruppuram. Chalo is a time pass entertainer with loads of comedy and a decent lead pair. Positive word of mouth can boost its box office prospects. Its end result will depend upon how Touch Chesi Chudu fares.

by Gulte Team - gulte.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Humorous take on Telugu film formula

First half of the movie is fun with an interval twist. Second half lags a bit in the middle. But humor and an out-of-box climax makes up for it. Plus points of the film are casting, humor and dialogues. On the flipside, a more lovable heroine characterization and an engaging love story might have helped the film immensely. People who doesn?t look at it as a satire on routine stories might end up thinking that this is a routine film. On a whole, Chalo is a humorous take on a Telugu film formula

by Jeevi - idlebrain.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Fun Factor Works Out

The movie strength is its funny dialogues, Sathya"s entertaining performance, Choodagane song in the first half, and post-interval it is Vennela Kishore comedy. On the whole, ?Chalo" works in parts courtesy comic portions and dialogue writing. It is fairly time pass movie if you excuse the predictability in the later portions.

by Greatandhra Team - greatandhra.com on Feb 2, 2018.


Routine But Entertaining

It is the fun, the comedy that works big time in Chalo. The entertainment whether it is silly or excellent doesn?t matter. What makes the narrative tick, is that it keeps coming and most of the time a freshness is retained due to the writing and the setup. The movie slackens whenever the seriousness takes center stage as the emotions are predictable.

by Siddartha Toleti - mirchi9.com on Feb 2, 2018.


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