Clash of personalities

Movies starts off in a sluggish mode, but gets enjoyable as the story shifts to college and progresses well till interval. The first half sticks to story and has a different orientation. Director incorporates some regular elements in second half to cater to family crowds and masses. Climax is wrapped up in a simple manner. Plus points of the film are first half orientation, aesthetics and new style of taking. On the flip side, we expect a more intense and emotionally powerful second half and we are served with a familiar stuff instead. On a whole, Tholi Prema is a nice attempt and offers a different perspective despite some shortcomings.

by Jeevi - on Feb 10, 2018.


Musical Love Story

The situations the director has created are not new at all. Many films have used such scenes, but the director has packaged them well. Apart from music, the other striking point is the dialogues. The writing team has penned some terrific lines post interval. Visuals are also cool. On the whole, Varun Tej Tholi Prema makes a good watch due to the breezy romance and some youthful episodes. It might appeal to the urban audiences and youth.

by Greatandhra Team - on Feb 10, 2018.


Feel the first love

On the whole, Tholi Prema lives up to all the expectations and wins you over. The breezy romance, decent comedy and striking emotions are huge assets for the film. The story of the film is ages old and does not have a strong conflict point making it a bit difficult for the masses. But the film will do exceptionally well among the youth, A centers and overseas as the mindset and class narration will impress them completely. Go for it.

by 123telugu Team - on Feb 10, 2018.


This is one of the few coming-of-age, characterization-based, love stories that Telugu cinema has made in the decade. Debutant director Venky Atluri comes up with meaty characters and in this, he may have the strengths of a Sekhar Kummala. It's a cute love story which revolves around the two individuals who matter. There is a delicate situation, there is a leap that the film takes post interval, there is a hero who is a rule unto himself. Capable performances and excellent technical output make it a healthy watch.

by India Glitz Team - on Feb 10, 2018.


A beautiful journey of Love

Tholi Prema starts off as an interesting take on new age romance, but slips into the regular template in the second half. Director Venky who handled the first half with utmost conviction falls into the trap of commercial aspect in the second half by playing it very safe. The film has the makings of a classic, but ends up as just another love story.

by Gulte Team - on Feb 10, 2018.


A Likeable Outing

As one can guess from the storyline, Tholi Prema is a simple love story. Deft handling of emotions and proper flow of emotions and an all-important connect to the lead pair is necessary for the film to work. Venky Atluri manages to get them. There is a chemistry between the lead actors, and that helps in overcoming the predictability and flat making. By bringing further depth into the background aspects and in a couple of supporting characters.

by Siddartha Toleti - on Feb 10, 2018.


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