Passable Action Drama

LIE is a film which has a very interesting plot and even the strongest of support from the lead stars. But it is the execution that falters as unnecessary scenes keep coming in at regular intervals spoiling the effect of the thriller a bit. However, rich production values, Arjun and Nithin save the film with their power packed performances and make LIE a watchable fare for action movie lovers.

by 123telugu Team - on Aug 10, 2017.


Works In Parts

LIE appeals to limited audiences as it works in some parts and some parts are a put off. There are equal number of good sequences and boring episodes.

by Venkat - on Aug 10, 2017.


Intelligent Show

Lie is a typical spy thriller where the police are tracing down an international terrorist. Hanu plays an intelligent game with the introduction of his characters. He uses mythological characters like Indra and Narada to set up the plot. There are numerous references to Hindu mythology and the epics in the narrative. Lie is not a super entertainer, but it will not entirely disappoint either. On the commercial front it must do well in A centers and overseas.

by Gulte Team - on Aug 10, 2017.


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