It's Different

Firstly, the director Sudha Kongara and the actor Venkatesh should be appreciated for uniting to do a subject that was not attempted in the recent past. Films like Aswini (life story of running champion Aswini Nachappa), Mayuri (life story of dancer Sudhachandran) etc used to be produced by Usha Kiron Movies in 80?s and 90?s. These are bio pics and are inspiring stories of women. In Bollywood, Chak De India has started off the trend of a superstar coach redeeming himself through the victories of his girl students. Recently released Dangal is another fine example. Plus points of Guru are story, realistic performances by lead characters and climax. On the flipside, this film has nativity issues. Though it?s a Telugu movie, the proceedings in the film doesn?t involve us directly and doesn?t make us relate to the characters. On a whole, Guru is a nice movie if you ignore nativity issues and relatability.

by Jeevi - on Mar 31, 2017.


Emotional Sports Drama

Guru is definitely Venkatesh?s career best performance to date. The star hero leads by example and shows what kind of films an actor in his age should attempt. The intense drama, Ritika Singh?s performance, and racy boxing matches are huge assets. Guru will surely be liked by the overseas audience for its class taking but we need to see how the masses embrace it. If you ignore the slightly slow pace here and there, Guru is one film which will surely impress you and ends up as an entertaining watch this summer.

by 123telugu Team - on Mar 31, 2017.


Packs a Punch

All in all, watch "Guru"" for Venkatesh's terrific performance and also for the newcomer Ritika. The movie is a good sports drama that we hardly get to see on Telugu screen. It may not go well with mass audiences but it may work for A Center audiences."

by Venkat - on Mar 31, 2017.


Well Done Guru!

Guru is not a regular commercial film, but has enough to keep the audience engaged and entertained. However, films like these usually don't appeal to the masses as they expect family sentiments and comedy from a star like Venkatesh. If they are willing to accept him as a character without bothering much about his image, Guru can hope for a long run at the ticket window besides the accolades.

by Gulte Team - on Mar 31, 2017.


New-Age for Sure

A sports drama whose sensibilities and unapologetic story-telling deserve kudos. The performances, narration and technical elements make it a pleasant watch. Go for it.

by India Glitz Team - on Mar 31, 2017.


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