Made for the masses

First half of the film is decent as it has the fun part of hero who hates women falling in love. Second half should have been better. How many times we have seen hero going to heroine?s place and stay there in second half. Plus points of the film are Pawan Kalyan and Rao Ramesh. On the flip side, age old story and predictable screenplay mars the freshness.

by Jeevi - on Mar 24, 2017.


A treat for the masses

Katamarayudu is a treat for all Pawan Kalyan fans. The star hero?s emotional performance, traditional look, and superb fun during the first half are huge assets for the film. Katamarayudu is bound to do well among the masses but we need to see how the film fares in the overseas market. If you ignore the routine story line and a slightly dull second half, Katamarayudu is one film which ends up as a decent watch this summer.

by 123telugu Team - on Mar 24, 2017.


Strictly for Fans

?Katamarayudu? has fairly interesting first half and Pawan Kalyan in better form but the story and narration are too clich?d.

by Venkat - on Mar 24, 2017.


Boring Rayudu

Katamarayudu has little to offer for other sections of audience except for Pawan fans. Pawan's star power will ensure openings, but it will need a miracle to go the distance at the box office.

by Gulte Team - on Mar 24, 2017.


Those Dashing Fanboy Moments

'Katamarayudu' works because of Powerstar, who gives a number of fanboy moments with utter ease and grace. While it will take time to establish the exact antiquity of the story (given how antiquated it is ASI should step in), the film works to an extent.

by India Glitz Team - on Mar 24, 2017.


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