After Love

Ninnu Kori is a rare film in that aspect as it hits the right chords despite shooting mostly in USA. The director Shiva has made sure that characters of Pruthvi and Murali Sharma are used for some relief in second half. On a whole, Ninnu Kori is a well handled mature film that balances the heaviness with ample entertainment. You may watch it!

by Jeevi - on Jul 7, 2017.


Heartwarming Love Story

Ninnu Kori is a very heartwarming love story which is filled with beautiful moments throughout. What?s clicks with the film is contemporary story line which is set well in today?s time and age. Superb performances by the lead cast, amazing romance and entertaining moments are big assets for this film. However, the climax is a bit mature and may not go well with regular film lovers and mass audience. The film will do exceptionally well in the A centers and overseas but not with B and C centers. If you ignore a bit slow narration, this film ends up as a very entertaining watch with your entire family this weekend.

by 123telugu Team - on Jul 7, 2017.


Let's Welcome Life

"Ninnu Kori" is a matured love story told in class manner with some fine performances and some emotional sequences.

by Greatandhra Team - on Jul 7, 2017.


Emotional Love Story

A pleasant feel good film with very nice emotions. Watch out Nani

by Gopi CH - on Jul 7, 2017.


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